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It was never a brilliant strategery, and now the Politics of Appeasement have led to the sad and predictable result that the Politics of Appeasement leads to.

These are the people who showed “What Democracy Looks Like”.  These are the wunderkinds of the “Arab Spring”.   THESE are the people our leader magnanimously kowtowed to in his famous Cairo speech during his apology tour.  Marvel at their “respect” for us, which we have been told for 3 years that our leader was restoring.  Marvel at their respect for other cultures and their respect for diverse opinions.

And marvel at the fact that these animals are still drawing breath and feeling even bolder at our contrition over their asshattery.

At least our next President shows more interest in being the President of the United States of America than President of the World.  We can’t put the adults back in charge soon enough.

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11 years later, and the Assholes for Allah still murder, because they can.  They still rape, because they can.  They still rage at even the slightest of perceived slights, because they can.

11 years later, and our own federal government punishes states that dare to attempt to actually increase a measure of border security along our swiss-cheese like southern boundary.

11 years later, and autistic kids and grandparents with colostomy bags get felt up in airports because we pretend that it makes air travel as secure as psychological profiling that might just happen to pick people from the same ethnic and religious group because there is an actual correlation.

11 years later, and Americans will carry on as if Christians are the biggest danger to civilization that we face today.

11 years later, and our government pretends that the actual associations of those working for it are innocuous, but those of the governed are cause for concern.

The unseriousness of how we live every other day mocks the solemnity of this one, and when I read how those who could call attention to this fact distract from it, I realize that we still have a lot of work to do.

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