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And really, why wouldn’t they? He had it all. The pointed finger, wagging, wagging, wagging. Table banging like an angry thirsty toddler with an empty sippy cup. The cold command of facts that aren’t (Joe, Syria isn’t “five times bigger than Libya”; Syria’s area is 71,479 square miles, Libya’s is 679,359 square miles), the used car salesman smile, the panoply of smirks, and the wildly inappropriate laughter, like the crazy uncle finding humor in your cousin’s rape when it is brought up at Thanksgiving dinner. And of course, the clichéd “Folks…” trotted out every time he felt the need to appeal again for four more years of division, envy, and their steady hand on the rudder, keeping the ship of state pointed firmly at the falls. Add in a few brazenly bald-faced lies about the HHS mandate, completely undercut as Congressmen Ryan pointed out with his question about those institutions suing the Federal Government, and Biden’s invocation of the sacred “We Inherited” meme, which cause millions of Americans to erupt in shouts of “YOU AND YOUR BOSS ASKED FOR THE JOB. HELL, YOU BEGGED FOR IT, YOU DODDERING OLD FOOL! COWBOY UP, AND ADMIT YOUR FAILURE!”

in essence, if Joe had simply been candid with the people he apparently thinks so little of, it would have sounded like this:

“Folks, who are you gonna believe? The guys who couldn’t pass a budget while spending reached stratospheric levels, while forcing through a healthcare takeover that will ensure expensive, sub par medical care for every American, and who have done everything possible to blame everyone else imaginable for their failure, and who want you to believe that success is a finite outcome, that must be controlled and parcelled out by a government that doesn’t have to be subject to the effect of is decisions? Or the guys who want to fix the problems we can’t, and who have made it clear that they will take responsibility for their actions and the consequences?”

The choice is clear. Failure and dependence upon a kleptocratic government that will ensure two Americas, or a smaller, limited government in which people actually get to make their own decisions, and take responsibility for their own success and failure.

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