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“The right of bearing arms—which with us is not limited and restrained by an arbitrary system of game laws as is in England; but, is particularly enjoyed by every citizen, and is among his most valuable privileges, since it furnishes the means of resisting as a freeman ought, the inroads of usurpitation.”

Henry St. George Tucker— 1 COMMENTARIES ON THE LAWS OF VIRGINIA 43 (1831)

“Now the natural right of self defence is nothing more than liberty which the law of nature allows us of defending ourselves from an attack which is made upon our persons or of taking such meausres as may guard against any injuries we are likely to suffer from one another…
…[A]s the law of nature allows us to defend ourselves, and imposeds no limit on the right, the only limit we can impose is the necessity of the case. Whatever means are necessary must be lawful; for if the rule is general, that where a right is absolutely given, then mean to exercise it must also follow.”

Henry St. George Tucker— TUCKER, A FEW LECTURES ON NATURAL LAW 95 (1844)

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