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“Now words mean nothing, I talk with my hands” –The Rainmakers “I Talk With My Hands”

American society is gravely ill, and yet we continue to whistle past the graveyard, and virulently attack those who dare to commit the crime of speaking the truth aloud.  Why?  Because too many of us want the lie.  The lie is flattering.  The lie is comfortable.  The lie doesn’t require us to change anything about ourselves, because the lie allows us to pretend that there is nothing wrong with us. 

We can spend our way out of debt.  Because spending less and paying it down is hard.
 Taking more from those who have more isn’t theft, it’s fairness.  Because nothing encourages success like penalizing it.  And nothing encourages ambition like redistribution of other people’s earnings.

 Government exists to ensure equality of outcomes.  Because your outcomes never have anything to do with the choices you made, even when Helen Keller could see that some choices can only have bad consequences.

Congress can sell any bill as long as it has an Orwellian title.  Because the people who didn’t read it before passing it are now shocked to learn that the Affordable Care Act ISN’T.

Gay marriage is a Constitutional right; we need to legalize love, because doing so doesn’t change anything.  Because deconstructing a legal and philosophical concept, and rebuilding it around an interaction that was one of the original felonies in common law, which does not offer the same benefit for society,  and which remained a crime until 10 years ago isn’t elevating sophistry to a breathtaking feat of legal alchemy at all. 

Abortion isn’t killing a child; it is terminating a clump of cells.  And it is legal because it is “private”, and because it doesn’t harm anyone.  Unless you’re the someone being “terminated”…but that’s ok because your 14th Amendment rights don’t exist yet, because they just don’t, just like the mission statement set forth in the nation’s charter doesn’t apply to you.

Post-birth abortion isn’t murder.  It’s still a female healthcare issue.  Unless you’re a baby girl who survived your mother’s attempt to snuff you, apparently.

And it goes on, and on, and on.

Whether it is our constant efforts to provide an inoffensive substitute for any term that might cause any recognition of the truth of a matter, issue, activity, or condition, or attempts to redefine things with fixed legal and philosophical meanings into something else, in a bid to pretend that the matter, issue, activity or condition of that thing now included in the new definition is the same as those included in the old definition, we are adrift in the inevitable result of such deception and delusion.  The handicapped aren’t handicapped; they are differently abled.  The retarded aren’t retarded, they are learning disabled.  We can all think of more examples.  Some observers of society used to make light of it, like George Carlin often did, but we have gone from talking about things that should be talked about in any society, to spending that same time trying to find ways to not call something what it is, and in some cases, taking it to such ridiculous extremes that the listener may now have to expend time mentally translating this newspeak in order to understand that they are discussing what the speaker is taking such great pains not to discuss.  In such an environment, it was only a matter of time before we’d have a President prevaricating about what the definition of “is” is, in order to avoid the admission that he took advantage of someone’s much younger daughter in order to get a blow job in the Oval Office, and all manner of deception in every facet of life, from bills with inspiring names that contain onerous provisions that weak politicians dare not vote against to in order to not be cast as “against” something no reasonable person would oppose, even if those same bills lead to perverse effects that no reasonable person wants.

And now, after a week of the absurd make-believe of “gay marriage” litigation, in which normally rational people suspended what they know in order to pretend that the state doesn’t and hasn’t limited or withheld its sanction from relationships before, in part by making value judgments about the value of those relationships to society, we have the happy news that Planned Parenthood, which already makes the American taxpayer a party to the murders it commits daily by sucking up tax dollars at every opportunity, is now advocating for “post-birth abortions“…that is, if you are a child who has the gall to survive your Mother’s attempt to kill you, the physician and the family (another lie) should decide what should be done with you…as if there is a choice.   I guess “first do no harm” is as antiquated as the “ceremonial deism” that the Federal courts will allow to the Federal government, but not the local ones.

It shouldn’t be too terribly difficult for people to see that at every turn, we are falling into confusion.  Lines are getting blurred, distinctions are taken out of context.  There is a growing paradox of selfishness…not an individualism, which by its nature, incorporates a certain sense of individual responsibility, but a collectivism, in which the individual seeks everything that everyone else can deliver to them.  And at the same time, self-gratification is king, and what we want for ourself eclipses everything else, which is why, after millions of abortions, the chattering classes still engage the breathless, and repugnant hyperbole about “gay marriage is the civil rights issue of our era”.   This only leads to one place: ruin.  And unfortunately, I can’t enjoy the road to Hell, because I can see what’s coming.  A roided-out state with the power to determine who lives and who dies, and the illusion of compassion and frugality to cloak its indifference and mendacity.  I won’t be saying “I told you so.”  I won’t have the luxury of enjoying the Schadenfreude, because I will be trying to hard to fight back the encroachment of the coming chaos.

It is no wonder I am a “clinger”.  At least in that, there is a purpose, and a focus on life, and right and wrong, as opposed to being blown which ever way the wind blows, and the ongoing effort to pretend that there is no truth, and it doesn’t matter anyway.

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