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Assualt Pressure Cooker

With the news stories starting to filter out about the bombs used in Boston on Monday, specifically bombs made from pressure cookers filled with nails and ball bearings, it seems like a good time to call attention to a particularly salient point:  The government’s ability to make you “safe” is limited.  

Most conservatives know this, if only because they more readily understand that there are consequences in life, and they have never bought into the idea that yet another law being passed in the wake of a horrific, already illegal act will somehow be the magic solution, like a government-issued coat of bubble wrap to prevent you from suffering any harm.  After all, the idea that making something that is already illegal more illegal is absurd on its face.  And yet we have a whole class of people who decide whenever a shooter goes into a psychopath’s hunting preserve gun-free zone, where they know they will meet no immediate resistance and kills people, that the answer is to criminalize lawful activity, i.e. pass another law, in the vain hope that the crazy person/deliberate murderer who sets out to do mayhem will somehow be dissuaded by the fact that government has determined that owning or possessing a firearm should be illegal.  The mere fact that these events occur in psychopath’s hunting preserves gun-free zones should serve as blatant testimony to that flawed logic.

Yesterday’s tragic bombing proves that:

(1)  The police cannot keep you safe, and surrendering your right to a firearm, unless you are a law enforcement officer will not make you safer; and

(2)  If someone is determined to kill and maim, it can be done effectively with any number of items that are not guns.

With regard to the first, we have news stories that have noted a sizable police presence at the finish line, including bomb sniffing dogs.  While Steny Hoyer,(D)imwit would like to pretend that the carnage was a direct result a very small cut in the rate of growth of government spending of money it doesn’t have, and Bwarney Fwanks would argue that this is why we peasants have render even more unto Caesar, the truth is that at some point, it becomes a zero sum game.  Security can be tightened even more, until the words “freedom” and “liberty” become just a cruel joke, and the people who would do these things win, just like they did when we were blessed with the TSA farce for domestic air travel.  And in many cases, “security” is achieved through greater surveillance.  Cameras don’t do much to prevent such acts; they are merely the 21st Century equivalent of law enforcement standing over your cooling body, writing their report.  With regard to the second, a lot more people were made casualties yesterday than in any recent mass shooting, and yet I don’t hear Diane Feinstein or Joe Biden talking into the nearest open mic about background checks to buy pressure cookers, or state politicians talking about registering them.  I don’t hear the hand-wringing entreaties to limit the number of ball bearings or nails that can be purchased at any given time, or having to justify the “NEED” for purchasing any of these things.

“Well, of course not.  Your example is ridiculous.” I can hear you saying.  But is it?  No matter how much the Brady campaign winces when I say it, gun ownership isn’t just legal, it is Constitutionally protected.  I can’t say the same for owning a pressure cooker, nails, or ball bearings.  If the government chose to, it simply doesn’t have the same burden to overcome if it chooses to regulate these things.  And considering how many people were hospitalized yesterday, the argument cannot be made that you are safer banning guns than you are banning pressure cookers, ball bearings, and nails. 

Some perils simply cannot be avoided.  There just isn’t enough bubble wrap in the world for nanny government to make you safe.  Some can be avoided, or mitigated, but government isn’t aways going to be able to make that happen.  And neither are you if you buy into the myth that more laws and fewer freedoms will make you safer.


CNN is reporting that pressure cooker bombs are a “right-wing signature”, doesn’t give any substantiation for their slanderous claim.

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