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Cooper pushed back an empty plate and leaned back in the chair.

“I figured you’d go for something more substantial.” said Agent Roy.

“Do you know how long it’s been since I had a salad?  Or fresh fruit?” replied Cooper.

“Awhile, if what I saw was any indication.  I’m sorry we couldn’t offer a better selection.”

“It was fine.  I missed that brown dressing.  I had it the last time I was here…well, the last time I was here in Ottawa.”

Agent Roy smiled.  He reached into his pocket, and withdrew a small, black leather book with a snap front, set it on the table, and slid it over in front of Cooper.

Cooper hesitated a moment, then picked it up and turned it over.  “Thank you for this.” he said quietly, his eyes locked on the cover.

“That’s contraband, you know.” said Agent Roy.

“Then why did you give it back?” asked Cooper.

“As I said, you are my current assignment, and I have been assigned to make you feel at home, as my superiors want you to make this your home.  At least for now.”

“Would you be doing the same with real contraband and not ideological contraband?”

“It may not be contraband for much longer.  Being the new home of the Royal Family and the head of the Anglican church, our government is aware of certain…inconsistencies…in its previous policies.  You shouldn’t be surprised if you hear about a policy reversal in the coming days.”

Cooper looked over to the wall, where a portrait of King Charles hung.  “I imagine it didn’t sit so well with some in Parliament when necessity made the Governor General and the monarch more than just a figurehead.”

“Things change.  There was some resistance.  More than a few offices had moved away from even a symbolic recognition of the monarchy.”

“Still, when they touched down at Pierson, it must have been a moment of decision for your government.”

“And some decided incorrectly.  But the Governor General managed to convince the PM that a bended knee was preferable to a rolling head.”

Cooper’s eyebrows rose at the last.  He was only dimly aware of the terrorist attack on London, and the general coup that had occurred over much of Europe, as conflicts in his own homeland were more centered in his thinking.  Finally he brought himself to ask “What happened?”

Roy shrugged his shoulders.  “British Intelligence learned that muslim extremists had acquired tactical nukes.  They just learned too late.  Charles and William were both in transit at the time.  Most of the rest of the family were at Balmoral and Buckingham.  The blasts killed them.  The Commonwealth is still fighting to regain control of England, Scotland, and Wales.  The Irish are making it almost as difficult as the mujahadin are.”

The two sat in silence for a few minutes.  Finally Cooper asked “And you?  How do you feel about being reintegrated into an Empire that let you alone for almost a century?”

Agent Roy’s eye narrowed.  “I think if it helps US get the upper hand in the clash of civilizations, I can live with it.  They are here now, but they will NOT stay.  My turn.  Why do you believe that?”  he nodded in the direction of the Bible on the table in front of Cooper.

“What do you mean?” asked Cooper.

“I mean for all your faith, your God hasn’t restored your Israel yet.”

“Have you ever read it?” asked Cooper.

“It’s contraband, as you have pointed out.”

“Thank you for the “correct” answer.  As if there is anyone I’m going to rat you out to.  Have you read it?”

Roy hesitated.  “I can’t claim to be a regular reader, but I have read it, yes.”

Cooper leaned forward.  “Then you know that when Israel was scattered in exile, that condition persisted until Israel again acknowledged and gave its allegiance to the Sovereign.  The real one, not earthly claimants of the title.  Do you see any indication of that in what was once “my Israel”, as you call it?”

Roy silently shook his head no.

“And that is why I am in exile.  Am I also in captivity?”

Roy motioned to the corner of the cafeteria, where the doctor and Jake were watching a cartoon on a television screen.  “Lise and I will show you to your quarters.  It is a safehouse in Vanier.  We have several more mounties guarding the premises.  We don’t think that the US government knows you’re here yet.  If we find out that they do, we will be coming to move you.  In the meantime, Lise and I have our reports to make. ”

They rose, and as Cooper moved to join Jake, Roy called out “Don’t forget your Bible.”

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