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Re: The Washington Redskins and the Thinskins screaming for a name change.

1. Bob Costas is obviously a frustrated Keith Olberman wannabe, who needs to stick to football and leave political commentary to the Sunday talk shows.

2. When I heard President Petulant weighing in on it this morning, I realized that having an opportunity to swing the sword of victimhood, on behalf of people who are largely not offended, rated as a much higher priority than actually accepting the GOP’s shameful surrender on Friday that would have given him his CR, with funding for ObamaDoesn’tCare, and a temporary raise in the debt ceiling. Frankly, I didn’t know whether to cry or scream…especially since the bottom of the hour news report lead with a headline screaming about “DEFAULT!!111!!!” on Thursday, despite the fact that a default isn’t necessary, since as the chief executive, he can chose to task the revenue that comes in regardless of the debt ceiling to servicing the debt and thus avoiding “DEFAULT!!!11!!!Eleventy!!11”.

But the given the particularly nasty nature of his latest temper tantrum, the headline may be right. I can see President Petulant deciding that making sure illegal immigrants getting a mint on the pillow of their taxpayer-funded beds should be a higher priority than servicing the debt.



It’s Columbus Day, a federal holiday which means that MORE than 17% percent affected by the SHUTNADO!!11!!! will be shut down. I don’t see pundits wringing their hands about this larger “interruption” of government. Or the lack of progress on Benghazi. Or the lack of frog marching administration and IRS officials over the IRS scandals. Or talking about what a crashing and criminally expensive failure the ObamaDoesn’tCare website is.

Nope. Instead, we’re all gonna die because of an inevitable and completely avoidable default on the nation’s debt because President Petulant doesn’t wanna prioritize spending.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are being lead by a 13 year old who needs to be taken over someone’s knee.

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