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It has to be difficult to be a palestinian these days.   After decades of being pawns in the Arabs’ never ending war against Israel, the years of raising their children with a seething, irrational hatred of jews, of suicide bombings, rock-throwing, missile-lobbing, and sneaking into Israel to bravely fight for your dream of a state by brutally butchering mothers, fathers, and their children under cover of darkness, only to see your neighbors’ states go up in flames in attempts to bring down their corrupt governments and replace them with modern-day islamic states, working toward the inevitable caliphate that just might grant you your own state, but not your own sovereignty and freedom.  And as this history roils around your deadly but impotent actions, the constant talk on your behalf, which never seems to translate to anything else, has finally been taken up by the most impotent talker of all:  Barack Hussein Obama.

In his “Arab Spring” speech, the pResident called for Israel to give up land it won when it was attacked by its neighbors in 1967,  in order to create this state.  This was neither unexpected or courageous on the part of the pResident.  The striking part was not bold, but it was insulting to the people that he purports to lead.   From the Huffpo:

Second, we do not want a democratic Egypt to be saddled by the debts of its past. So we will relieve a democratic Egypt of up to $1 billion in debt, and work with our Egyptian partners to invest these resources to foster growth and entrepreneurship. We will help Egypt regain access to markets by guaranteeing $1 billion in borrowing that is needed to finance infrastructure and job creation. And we will help newly democratic governments recover assets that were stolen. Third, we are working with Congress to create Enterprise Funds to invest in Tunisia and Egypt. These will be modeled on funds that supported the transitions in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall. OPIC will soon launch a $2 billion facility to support private investment across the region.  [Emphasis Mine.]

Let that sink in for a moment.

His own government is busted.  Broke.  Bankrupt.  The cupboard is bare.   While he pays lip service to fiscal responsibility, he continues pushing an agenda that spends money, and that requires us to borrow, even though we are starting to look like a really bad credit risk.  He isn’t willing to limit government, and with the limitation, curb the insanely irresponsible spending and borrowing, instead opting to raise taxes on an economy already on its knees.  He isn’t willing to grow the future here, and wants to redistribute wealth we don’t even have to a part of the world that is flush with petrodollars.

Here’s a unique idea.  Instead of borrowing from the Chinese so my grandkids will be paying them back, and giving it to the arabs, why not let the arabs redistribute their own wealth so their people can realize their dreams on their own dime?   It might sound flippant, but it wasn’t meant to.  We are talking about muslim countries that make billions every year in oil revenues.  The President was right about one thing:  Its stupid to rely on one thing alone to build an economy.  However, they have money of their own.  And it seems to me that the faith they keep wanting to kill us for not having requires them to make their own “investments in people”.  If things are as dire as the pResident and others would have us believe, then it is time for these faithful who have been “acquiring wealth for wealth’s sake” to step up and start making their own contributions.

From “The Religion of Islam” website:

Like prayer, which is both an individual and communal responsibility, zakat expresses a Muslim’s worship of and thanksgiving to God by supporting those in need.  In Islam, the true owner of things is not man, but God.  Acquisition of wealth for its own sake, or so that it may increase a man’s worth, is condemned.  Mere acquisition of wealth counts for nothing in the sight of God.  It does not give man any merit in this life or in the hereafter.  Islam teaches that people should acquire wealth with the intention of spending it on their own needs and the needs of others. 

Needs like, oh, I don’t know…helping young arabs get to resources to achieve their dreams?

Apart from zakat, the Quran and Hadeeth (sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him) also stress sadaqah, or voluntary almsgiving, which is intended for the needy.  The Quran emphasizes feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping those who are in need, and the more one helps, the more God helps the person, and the more one gives, the more God gives the person.  One feels he is taking care of others and God is taking care of him.

Granted, this doesn’t allow him to buy world votes with our money, but frankly, I’m tired of Democrats buying any votes with our money.  Spending it the way he proposes doesn’t even buy him the dependency that he gets from Democratic voters, and he should have learned that adoration is fleeting by now. 

I’m tired. 

I’m tired of being insulted. 

I’m tired of being lectured about racism when I express a dissenting point of view.

I’m tired of being lectured about hate when I observe hypocrisy.

I’m tired of being told about evil corporations by wealthy union bosses who enrich themselves while destroying the competitive ability of American businesses and eventually put their members out of work.

I’m tired of having democracy flung in my face when I live in a republic.

I’m tired of the constant double-standards that will say that the ends justify the means when they can no longer deny that the left is corrupt and refuses to respect the law.

I’m tired of an insatiable government that continues to grow, and consume, and usurp, and to infantilize its own people.

And I’m afraid that complacency will keep us all here, until every act we perform in a day will be subject to the approval of a faceless bureaucrat tucked away in the bowels of a federal office building somewhere on the eastern seaboard.

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Last fall’s elections were a vote for principle the likes of which haven’t been witnessed in this country for decades.  The much maligned Tea Party activists sent a message and a whole bunch of new congressmen and women to Washington with a clearly defined mandate to reduce the size and scope of government.  The budget negotiations that were undertaken to do the unfinished work of the last Congress were an opportunity to accomplish just that.  And while token gains were made, cutting a few days of the Federal Government’s level of spending since January 1, the people we sent to Congress, and their leader decided that even the largely symbolic victory of another 61 Billion in cuts (as opposed to 900 odd Billion spent up to March 1) and ending borrowed government money to the real Murder Inc., Planned Parenthood, was just too difficult a deal to fight for.

To say that I’m disappointed to see that the House Republicans have all the backbone of a jellyfish is an understatement.  They capitulated when presented with some of the most childish behavior I have had the misfortune to witness.  As a parent, the best analogy I can think of is that the kids demanded their way, and not only do I have to pay the bills to keep the lights on, the roof over our head, the taxes, and the food bill, but they also demanded that we buy a brand new car and give the keys to them.  Oh, and every meal is a desert or junk food now.

While I would normally take comfort in the idea that they can be replaced, the fact is that they will likely have run the credit card up so damn high that every dollar we earn will be paying the debt, and it just won’t matter.

Fellas, if you couldn’t make a stand on this, how in the hell do you think you will ever pass a budget that cuts $6 Trillion?  Mr. Ryan needs to send a gift of thirty pieces of silver to the Speaker…if he can afford such a lavish expenditure.

The consent of the governed is dependent first and foremost on trust.  If I can’t trust you to stick with your principles when you complete someone else’s unfinished work, I sure as hell can’t trust you to fight the big fights.  I hope there was something you got out of the deal that was worth it, because your capitulation on something so small virtually guarantees your failure when its time to do the real work.

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…ask yourself what the Democratically controlled Congress was doing last year.

San Fran Nan needs to shut up and be thankful that her negligence and incompetence has thus far escaped the notice of the general public.  (Thank you legacy media!)

Not that she alone deserves the blame. 

I would call the to the attention of the Empty Suit in the Oval Office when he’s angry about missing this weekend’s tee time.

The President clearly understands he has a bully pulpit.  He just uses it to bully the wrong people. 

I already knew what a ‘failed state’ looked like.  I didn’t need to live in one.

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Yeah, not so much, as noted rocket scientist, chart maker, and shibboleth-slayer Geoff points out for us all.

I’m sorry.  I just can’t afford your lifestyle.  And neither can my kids.

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We're from the government, and we're here to ea...help.

More Americans work for the government than work in construction, farming, fishing, forestry, manufacturing, mining and utilities combined. We have moved decisively from a nation of makers to a nation of takers. Nearly half of the $2.2 trillion cost of state and local governments is the $1 trillion-a-year tab for pay and benefits of state and local employees. Is it any wonder that so many states and cities cannot pay their bills?

This is going to get ugly.  Very ugly.  This isn’t just about our society eating itself any more.  This is about the takers sucking the marrow from the bones of the makers.

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So principles only matter when standing for them gets you nothing? And once again, they only want to talk about half the budget equation…the emphasis on not paying for what they buy, rather than deciding NOT TO BUY WHAT THEY CAN’T AFFORD. But then when you believe that it is all the government’s money, rather than the money of them what earns it, then its easy to see how they think that their only tool is a checkbook, rather than a red pen to cross things out of the budget.

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…he doubles down.

And we see another of his prophecies fulfilled.  He is doing something that is unprecedented and historic.

I have to confess that this one baffles me.  Is he so sensitive to criticism that he brought back Billy Jeff, a person who was rightfully reviled by many pundits and adored by the electorate as a means to reduce the heat he feels from both the right and the left?  Is it an admission that he is in over his head, and he needs help by someone skilled in removing the chastity belts that members of his own party have strapped themselves into?  Is it a last ditch to save legislation that could save his shot at a second-term?

I’m not sure that I can recall another time when a sitting president lent the gravitas of the White House to a predecessor, and one who was part of a rival campaign in the previous election, so that the current president could leave to scamper into the presence of his wife.  After taking yet another glance at the staggering per-job sums of money that were spent by the Government on the Spendulous Jobs, it occurs to me that the money could be better spent just writing checks for $50,000 a piece to people to go out and look for a spine…any spine to give to Obama, since he clearly lost his.

As for the rest of it…I’d love to savor the moment of the hard lefties being pissed with Obama over the tax deal (I refuse to say “cuts”, because when they have been in place for more than 8 years, we are talking about increasing the current rates), but the fact is if he gets it passed, he gets a metric butt-load of spending that they government has no business committing to at the moment.  Especially since the courageous confiscatory lions of Congress that gave us a takeover of one-sixth of the economy have stubbornly refused to do their duty and set a budget.  What this means is that it was coordinated in a plan to try to Brer Rabbit the republicans into passing a bill with irresponsible and idiotic spending (“Oooohhh, Congressional republicans!  Pleeeeeeease don’t make us pass a bill keeping the tax rates the same while allowing us to spend stupid sums of money!!!”) or he didn’t share the purpose of the compromise, and the hard lefties are too dense to see through their OUTRAGE!!111!!!! and understand how this could ultimately benefit them.  I think Billy Jeff’s presence at the podium yesterday explains which one actually occurred.  

This will cost Obama.   This made him look weak to those in the world seeking a sign of weakness, and frankly, this makes him look bad here at home.   Some on the left who saw the Brer Rabbit as have made much of the idea that republicans tried to sell conservatives out.  I agree, but what they fail to realize is that we aren’t above holding our elected officials’ feet to the fire, and the last election showed that we are paying attention.   The hard left apparently still isn’t getting the message.

I can think of few things more surreal, or frightening to a whole new class of White House interns.

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…just busy.

Lots of stuff, including litigation, and while there is a lot going on politically, I really haven’t been motivated to say much. Just waiting to see how much voter fraud tampers with the righteous curbstomping the Dems are getting come November 2.

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“A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity” -Baltasar Gracian

I once kept my list of character traits I wanted in a President very simple. Courage of conviction and integrity were at the top of my list. No longer.

In the last election, we had a watershed moment, when the dimmer bulbs and the power hungry of the nation elected a man who brought something to the office we have rarely had before. Audacity. Not the audacity to lead the nation on a course of preservation, which requires telling those who enjoy the entitlements Uncle Sugar hands out that the days of their unchecked rapaciousness is over. Instead, it was the audaciousness to use taxpayer money to buy failing businesses under the premise that they were “Too big to fail”, and expand into health care, because government has done such a bang-up job with the Post Office, procurement, and the “War on Poverty”.

We got not the audacity to look at the world’s petty tyrants and bullies, and let them know that there will be consequences for unrestrained asshattery, but the audacity to stand in foreign cities, and apologize for American Exceptionalism to people who are owed no apology.

We got the audacity not to dare to make both those who cling to their prejudices and those who cling to their victimhood lay down their burdens, and simply be Americans, but instead, the most divisive American President in recent memory, who cannot even bother to pretend to act in such an interest, but instead helps to enshrine such prejudices by admitting to his own, whether insulting Americans by talking about how they bitterly cling to their Bibles and guns, or talking about how the Cambridge police acted stupidly when they did their jobs and hurt the feelings of a friend of his who has made a career of victimhood.

We got the audacity not of a man who could solve the challenges that the country faces today and successfully use the first real opportunity to close the rifts that exist in society today, but instead a man who, lacking any ability to solve problems, instead childishly blames his predecessor whenever his own shortcomings grow too large for him to conceal, and a unmittigated contempt for those who have no desire to import Europe’s failed policies to our shores, punctuated by endless lectures to people who have actually done something with their lives other than run for office.  It would be amusing if it weren’t so damn tragic.

But the audacity that sells us all short?  They audacity with which he tells a lie.  The way that they are so very effortless for him indicates just how much contempt he has for Americans.  Whether it is the importance of passing the spendulous bill to keep unemployment at no more than 8%, or that the health care bill wouldn’t add a single dime to the deficit, or how much he is committed to cutting spending, even a blind and deaf man can see that there is no lie too big for him not to tell.

My list?  It now includes honesty, and integrity.  Two traits glaringly lacking in the current occupant of the Oval Office.  But then, that’s why we have these election thingies, right?

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I had to fight to urge to spit when this evil socialist hag had the nerve to categorize the passage of the Health Care Takeover of 2009 2010 as honoring to the Declaration of Independence and the Founders of this nation.  I don’t think I could ever get hit in the head enough confuse an increase in dependence on government as “Honoring” the Charter of our Freedom and the men who set our rights to paper.

Of course, I say this with the full understanding of the fact that rights aren’t really rights if I have to rely on government shaking me and my fellow citizens down to provide them.  “Rights” are rights if they would exist without government.  Government can take rights away, but they cannot “give” them to me.  My rights come from God.

Of course, this means judging on both what we have seen and heard.  I have made my judgement.  The Constitutional Scholar who “loves this country” so much that he has to “fundamentally change” the relation between the government and us by growing the debt to unsustainable levels, making we the people purchase health insurance, and taking over one-sixth of our economy doesn’t love this country.  He loves what he wants to make it.

I can’t look the other way while he and his fellow travellers usurp power they were never meant to have, and do so while proclaiming it to be for our own good.  Like many of my friends who served this nation in uniform, I also took an oath, and it also requires me to support the Constitution of the United States.

I will oppose these actions with every fiber of my being.  I will do everything I can peaceably, and if they remain determined to subvert the law and enslave the people of this nation, then I too, will have to remain resolute.

“General Welfare” means for everyone’s benefit, not for a few people’s benefit.  You don’t decide to fix something for a few by changing it for everyone, and then sticking us all with the bill.  Especially not for something that is not for the federal government to act upon at all.  The Ninth and Tenth Amendments could not be more clear. 

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

For too long, the Federal Government constantly pushed the envelope of its power through the Commerce Clause, the Necessary and Proper Clause, and the General Welfare clause, with nary a shove back from the people or the individual states.  Indeed, one might think that the Civil War abolished these amendments.  However, if mandating that you must buy government approved health insurance, as part of a scheme that can only end with private carriers going out of business and leaving the government as the sole provider of health insurance coverage is a legitimate exercise of the power granted to the federal government, then the Ninth and Tenth Amendment mean nothing

Those who actually know what the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution mean have no intention of letting these people fundamentally change the only free nation on earth.  We were unconvinced by the lies peddled leading up to this vote.  We will remain unconvinced when you tour this country trying to sell us what you already bought for us, like hucksters of old selling stock in the Acme Barn Door and Widget Oil Company.  We will remain unconvinced when you pack up your offices and go back to your home districts, praying you will be granted anonymity.

My Triumph Over The Peasants Is Complete!

Thanks to ACE, via Nice Deb.

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